What is the Safe at Home Program?

The Safe at Home Program is operated by Mercy Community Services North Qld. We offer monitored personal medi-alert alarms through a personal emergency response service (24 hour / 7 day a week/ 365 days). We provide support to those who wish to live a full and independent life but who require the assurance that if an emergency arises and assistance is needed, help is only a press of a button away. We are committed to providing service in a responsible and caring manner for our clients.

Our medical alarms play a key role in helping seniors, those with long-term health needs or those recovering from surgery throughout Townsville and surrounding communities.


How does the Medi-Alert Alarm work?

Our medi-alert alarm pendants/wrist alarms are small and light-weight, which makes for ease of wear and are equipped with an easy to locate button that you press when assistance is required.

Should the alarm be activated, a duress call is immediately sent to Tunstall’s 24-hour response centre. A highly-trained response operator will assess who the caller is, where they live, any major medical conditions that the client may have and who should be contacted. The response operator will speak with the client and discuss their condition and what action needs to be taken, such as contacting a nominated emergency contact person and/or emergency services personnel.


Simple to Install

The Liberty 300 alarms could not be simpler to install. The unit is fully self-contained and comes with it’s very own mobile 3G network SIM card and can therefore be installed in minutes. It simply plugs into any existing power connection, instantly taking care of any emergency that may arise.


The Safe at Home Program Medi-Alert Alarms include:

  • Fast efficient installation and backup service
  • Maintenance of all equipment
  • 24 hour monitoring service from the Central Monitoring Centre
  • Immediate response to all alarms activated
  • Notification of identified persons on the contact list when the Ambulance has been dispatched
  • Visits from the co-ordinator to manually test alarms
  • GPS locator watch

Service Area

  • Townsville and surrounding communities
  • Ayr and surrounding communities

Who is eligible for this service?

The Safe at Home Program provides assistance to clients who have a wide variety of care needs, including the elderly, those who have a medical condition, disability and those who are at risk of falls who choose to live independently in the community.

There are no assessment/eligibility requirements, and referrals will be accepted by simply telephoning our Co-ordinator or by completing the Refer a Client form below.

Refer a client

Talk back facility

A talk back facility enables direct contact with the client in their own home through the microphone on the base unit. The Liberty 300 mobile 3G GSM medi-alert alarm requires connection to a power source only as the alarm is provided with its very own mobile SIM card.

The Liberty 300 personal medi-alert alarm contains a Nickel Metal Hydride back-up battery that recharges itself when plugged into the mains power. In the event of a power failure the internal back-up battery will provide up to 40+ hours of standby operation.

Fees and Charges

Whilst we think one cannot put a price on the safety of our loved ones, a small fee of $1.50 per day per pendant applies.
NO installation or ongoing maintenance fees - NO upfront fees payable on installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q Are the pendants water resistant and can I still shower with them on?
A Yes.

Q Are the medi-alert alarms tested?
A Yes, periodic visits by Safe-At-Home Co-ordinator are scheduled.

Q How long does the pendant’s battery last?
A 3-4 years under normal conditions.

Q What is the distance that the alarm will work away from the base unit?
A 50 - 100 metres from the unit, dependent upon the surrounding environment.

Q How long does the base unit’s rechargeable back-up battery last in the event of a power outage?
A 40+ hours.