Your Questions Answered

Q Are the pendants water resistant and can I still shower with them on?
A Yes.

Q Are the medi-alert alarms tested?
A Yes, periodic visits by Safe-At-Home Co-ordinator are scheduled.

Q How long does the pendant’s battery last?
A 3-4 years under normal conditions.

Q What is the distance that the alarm will work away from the base unit?
A 50 - 100 metres from the unit, dependent upon the surrounding environment.

Q How long does the base unit’s rechargeable back-up battery last in the event of a power outage?
A 40+ hours.

Q How are are the Watches different from a panic alarm?

A The Find-me Watch operates without a base station or landline, by connecting straight to the mobile phone network. That means you are no longer limited to a device that only works around your home or workplace.

Q What if I am unable to wear a watch?

A An adaptor kit allows you to convert the Find-me Watch into a pendant and add a lanyard, if required.

Q How long Battery last for Find Me Watch

A :With normal use, the rechargeable battery will last throughout a normal day of activity. An easy-to-use magnetic charging pad ensures the phone goes onto the charger the right way every time. Charging is complete in less than two hours.

Q What can I do if the wearer keeps pressing the buttons?

A: As your needs change, various buttons on the watch can be enabled or disabled.

Q What if the wearer keeps removing the Find-me Watch?

A: An optional, lockable strap, is available at minimal cost. When engaged, the strap prevents the wearer from removing the watch without assistance. Alternatively, the inbuilt removal sensor can be set to alert carers automatically if the watch is removed.

Q What is the difference between a nominated number and an authorised number?

A: nominated number is a phone (mobile or landline) that the Find-me Watch can call. An authorised number is a mobile phone that will receive SMS alerts from the watch, and can also control the watch.