How does the Medi-Alert Alarm work?

Our medi-alert alarm pendants/wrist alarms are small and light-weight, which makes for ease of wear and are equipped with an easy to locate button that you press when assistance is required.

Should the alarm be activated, a duress call is immediately sent to Tunstall’s 24-hour response centre. A highly-trained response operator will assess who the caller is, where they live, any major medical conditions that the client may have and who should be contacted. The response operator will speak with the client and discuss their condition and what action needs to be taken, such as contacting a nominated emergency contact person and/or emergency services personnel.

how it works Simple to Install
The Liberty 300 alarms could not be simpler to install. The unit is fully self-contained and comes with it’s very own mobile 3G network SIM card and can therefore be installed in minutes. It simply plugs into any existing power connection, instantly taking care of any emergency that may arise.