Maintenance of Equipment


1. Periodical Testing

Once your alarm unit is installed, you will be advised of weekly automatic testing .The Safe at Home Program Co-ordinator will also visit periodically to manually check/test the alarms and to update client details if required.


If required, the pendant may be cleaned periodically with a damp cloth and mild detergent or an alcohol wipe. Remember that smart fall will not detect falls while it is not being worn therefore you should put the Smart fall back on again as soon as you have finished cleaning it.


3.. Spare Key

Please organise SAFE spare key storage so that the Ambulance /Emergency services are able to have ease of ACCESS to help you in an Emergency.
Key safe Locks may be purchased from places such as Bunnings.
Please advise the Safe At Home Program Co-ordinator as soon as spare key/key safe lock are in place outside your home so the information may be passed safely onto the 24 Hour Monitoring Centre.

4.In swimming pool

The Medi-Alert's pendant or wrist alarm in not to be worn whilst in a swimming pool due to pool chemicals causing damage.