Our Features

The Safe at Home Program Medi-Alert Alarms include:

  • Fast efficient installation and backup service
  • Maintenance of all equipment
  • 24 hour monitoring service from the Central Monitoring Centre
  • Immediate response to all alarms activated
  • Notification of identified persons on the contact list when the Ambulance has been dispatched
  • Visits from the co-ordinator to manually test alarms
  • GPS locator watch

Service areas

  • Townsville and surrounding communities
  • Ayr and surrounding communities


A talk back facility enables direct contact with the client in their own home through the microphone on the base unit. The Liberty 300 mobile 3G GSM medi-alert alarm requires connection to a power source only as the alarm is provided with its very own mobile SIM card.

The Liberty 300 personal medi-alert alarm contains a Nickel Metal Hydride back-up battery that recharges itself when plugged into the mains power. In the event of a power failure the internal back-up battery will provide up to 40+ hours of standby operation.