Fall Detector Pendant

What is an Intelligent Fall Pendant?

fall detect pend fall detect pend

An intelligent fall pendant is a small, lightweight device which can automatically detect if the wearer has fallen and raise an alarm call for help, via a paired Tunstall medical alarm unit. The pendant also provides the wearer with a means of manually calling for help from anywhere in their home 24 hours a day
Wearing Options
Neck Cord: With safety break Links and adjustable length

Who is it for?

Intelligent fall pendants are ideal for:
✔ People with limited mobility
✔ Older people
✔ People with disabilities
✔ Individuals who have been discharged from hospital and require additional support
✔ People working alone
✔ People with medical conditions such as epilepsy or diabetes


■ Portable
■ Sensor Monitoring
■ Water Resistant
■ Falls Prevention
■ Landline operated
■ Falls Detection Alarm/Sensor

How does it Work?

Fall pendent will automatically raise an alert if it senses if the user has fallen, raising a call to the monitoring centre.

The Fall detector can also be manually activated by the wearer at any time and cancelled in the event of a false activation.

The intelligent fall pendant operates using a three stage process.

Stage One : Fall detected
If the intelligent fall pendant detects the wearer has fallen, the integral LED will illuminate green, and an audible tone will gradually increase. During this stage, the wearer may press the cancel button to cancel the activation.

Stage Two : Alarm generated
If the alarm is not cancelled within 10 seconds, the LED will become red and the audible sounder will emit a tone indicating that an alarm has been generated.
Stage Three : Assistance provided
The medical alarm unit receives the alarm call and dials the 24/7 monitoring centre for assistance.