Find Me Watch

A monitored cellular personal emergency response system with emergency alert button, GPS locator and fall detector built in. When the red emergency alert button is activated, the watch will automatically contact the monitoring centre or up to three nominated persons. At any time, the details of the Carers Watch location is displayed on your web page, accessed with your unique username and password.
Ideal for older people, people living with dementia, those with disabilities or those just wanting immediate access to help, the Find-me Watch is a 24/7 care solution that provides as little or as much support as you need. As a cellular personal emergency response system, panic alert, GPS tracker and fall detector all in one, the watch offers an unobtrusive duress alert device providing additional security at home and in the community.


Fall Sensor
Should the one you care for be prone to falling, the built-in
Fall Sensor will call your nominated emergency number and
alert your authorised contacts via sms and email, providing
both safety for the wearer, and peace of mind for the carer.

GPS Locator Assist
The Carers Watch assists to locate the wearer by seeking
out a GPS position once every 10 minutes. All GPS
locators will always give the most accurate location
outdoors, this includes the Carers Watch.

If you would like the extra safety of being notified when
the wearer leaves an area, safe zone and destination
alerts can notify up to five authorised contacts. This will
be triggered if the wearer is located outside of a safe
zone, and can advise contacts once the wearer has
arrived at a pre-set destination.

Speed Alert
If an alert has been triggered, it can be helpful to know if
the wearer is walking, or in a moving vehicle. Using the
easy-to-use web user interface, the carers can set a speed
alert that will assist in calculating the wearers speed

Web Interface
Our easy-to-use web interface is designed so there are
no tricky settings for the wearer to set up or operate
on the Watch. All settings can be easily and quickly
changed or customised on any internet enabled device,
including smart-phones. It couldn’t be any easier!

Water Resistant
As a carer, you want to know your loved one or those
in your care are safe, even in the shower. The Carers
Watch can be worn in the shower or in the rain, so if the
wearer falls or needs assistance, they can reach you.

Removal Alert
If your loved one (or someone else) takes off the
Find-Me Carers Watch, this unique device can notify up
to five contacts via sms and email.

Mobile Phone
The Find-Me Carers Watch has it’s own SIM and works
like a mobile phone. It can call two preprogramed
numbers, as well as the pre-set emergency or monitoring
number. You can also call the watch from any phone.

Easy Charging
The Find-Me Carers Watch includes an easy-to-use,
charger. Our clever design will ensure it goes on the
right way every time. There’s no need to change the
batteries or struggle with tiny phone plugs and power
cords. Charging typically takes less than two hours.
What a breeze!

Built-in Battery
Your Find-me Carers Watch has a built in battery, so
unlike traditional watches, there are no fiddly pieces that
need to be removed or batteries to change. Simply click
the watch on the charger, presto its charging.

24/7 Monitoring System
By having your watch monitored by our partners
Tunstall Healthcare, you can be connected to their 24/7
specialist monitoring centre. That means your loved
ones will have help available from their expert team, any
time of day or night.

Medication Reminders
At those important times for the wearer to take their
medication, the watch will let the wearer know by both
a flashing icon on the watch and an audible reminder for
them to take their medicine.


Fall detection
• In the case of a slip or fall being detected, the fall alert will automatically be activated and call Tunstall’s response centre
• You will hear a voice say: ‘Fall alert activated’
• You will see the animated icon to the left will be displayed on the Carers Watch
• To deactivate the fall alert: Press the A button (refer to manual) for 2 seconds and a voice will say: ‘Fall alert deactivated’
• The icon on the left will display on your Carers Watch confirming that the fall alert was deactivated
Standard mode
• Press the emergency button for 3 seconds
• You will hear a voice saying:’Emergency response activated, your emergency contact is being notified’
• The watch will then connect you via a two way handsfree phone call to Tunstall’s response centre
• If possible, hold the watch 10-15cm from your mouth while talking
• The animated Find-me logo will appear on your screen advising you that an emergency call has been activated
• You will be connected to the monitoring centre where a trained operator will assess the situation and contact the necessary responder to assist, such as a carer, family member or emergency services
• Using GPS location details and real-time tracking, the care consultant is able to accurately locate the wearer and direct their responders to the precise location
Duress mode (silent)
• Press the emergency button for 3 seconds
• A red light will appear in the top right of the screen alerting you that the call has been activated
• When the light goes green it confirms that the call has been answered by the response centre
• The response centre can now hear what is happening and be able to assess your situation and act appropriately
• The duress alert is designed to protect you without further inflaming a situation
• If in danger, do not attempt to hold the Carers Watch closer to your mouth, the unit is designed to broadcast all the sound of what is happening around you