Liberty 300 3G Medical Alarm

What is Liberty 300?

Liberty300 is a medical alarm unit with connection options via mobile 3G GSM and traditional landline (POTS), it is our most technically advanced and flexible base medical alarm.The Liberty300 alarm is designed to assist people to maintain their independence in the home.


Wireless telecare sensors:Liberty300 includes one hard wired connection and interfaces with 15 radio sensor inputs, allowing it to monitor a wide
range of specialty sensors in the home.
Tri Connection Technology: The Liberty300 provides greater reliabilityand continuous connectivity options in the event of telephone line failure.(incorporates 3G GSM, POTS and optional Ethernet technology, )
Automatic warning alerts the unit alerts the user to mains and line connection failure/resumption
Backup battery monitoring (40+ hours) – unit reports the status of its backup battery to the monitoring centre with a visual signal
plug and play technology:Using plug and play technology , sensors can be easily added, catering to the changing needs of the individual client.

How does it Work

Each Liberty300 is supplied with a personal radio trigger that can be worn on the wrist or around the neck as a pendant, allowing the user to activate an alarm call from anywhere in the house, without having to struggle to a phone. The pendant can be fitted with our easypress adapter, a silicon case that improves the sensitivity of the alarm button for those with limited hand or finger movement.
Alternatively, the alarm can be activated by the red help button on the base alarm unit. Once an alarm call is raised, the user can then speak hands-free with the response operator who will summon the appropriate help
When the Liberty300 is activated in an emergency, it dials the 24-hour response centre putting the user in contact with a response operator, who will aid the client by assessing the situation and contacting the necessary responders to assist.

Who is it For?

•older people or those living with a disability
• individuals who have been discharged from
hospital and require additional support
• people working alone
• those with long-term conditions

Liberty 300 User Guide