smart fall

This device is intended to enable a user in a non-medical setting to request assistance by providing a method of activating their home base unit or mobile app, from within the operating range, in the event of a potential medical emergency. The device also provides an additional automatic request for assistance to the home base unit or mobile app ,if it detects that the user has fallen while wearing it on a neck cord, clipped to the chest or on a belt clip using the wearing options provided. Also has in build Bluetooth functions for further enhancements, if required.

Currently available as PENDANT wear only

smart fall

Why is it called Intelligent pendent?

Your smart fall is an intelligent pendant.
Automatically generating a call for assistance if a fall is detected and you are unable to push the help button.
It also allows to press a help button to generate alarm when you need help
When the algorithm in the Smartfall Blue Pendant’s system determines a fall, it will vibrate and emit three short beeps accompanied by red LED flashes. The pendant will wait a few seconds before sending an alarm to our 24-hour Customer Care Centre that will send help your way.
The device waits a few seconds before alerting our care team to account for false alarms. When the Smartfall Blue Pendant unintentionally triggers an alert, you can cancel it by rapidly tapping its case three times.

smart fall

Dont worry if you accidently press the button or drop it

You can easily cancel the alarm to stop it sending call for help

You can wear Smartfall in Shower or Bath

Smartfall is water resistant and should be worn all times. Avoid submerging the smartfall in water longer than a minute, because it reduces range of smartfall.

If you fall but don't need a help

When the smartfall starts to beep and green LED is on you can cancel the alarm to stop sending a call for help. And if you decide that you need help ,press the help button.

Wear in bed

If you wish to wear in bed,it ensures smartfall is on hand if you require at night. However it maynot select a fall from lying poistion in bed to floor.

It wont call for help without you knowing

The Smartfall will always beep and flash the green LED to notify you that it has detected a fall and is about to send a call for help.

Smart Fall-Blue-User Guide