About Us

Villa McAuley was officially opened on 7th December, 1980 by Mayor Mike Reynolds and Catholic Bishop Leonard Faulkner. It was owned and operated by the Sisters of Mercy, Townsville for 34 years and is now governed by Mercy Community Services North Queensland, which is a Ministry in Mercy Partners.

The Village has 117 independent living units set in a beautiful tropical setting maintained by ground staff. Situated centrally in a quiet suburb, Villa McAuley enjoys handy access to hospitals, medical precincts, shopping centres, swimming pools and cinemas.
Following is glimpse of Villa McAuley till date.

A Glimpse through Villa Mcauley

A Glimpse through Villa Mcauley



2 Acacia street,Mundingburra 4812




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  • Affordable Comfortable Living

    Our Unit prices ranges from $100,000 to $170,000,Which makes it affordable for everyone. Maintained grounds and tranquil surroundings will catch your heart and eye . Its your space ,we can assure your peace and harmony. Village have 117 living units. You could choose from single bedroom, single bedroom with patio and two bedroom units. We take care of all the maintenance taking your hassles off.

  • Safe Supportive Community

    Our community supports each other. You will always be a valuable member of our community . Our events ,celebrations and activities will ensure your wellbeing. We have community gatherings, games and celebrations which would help in socialising.

  • A Place to call Home

    Live life in your way. The pleasant relaxed environment here would help you to be calm and blissful. Our Units are specially designed to help you live in comfortable and safe. We have security patrols and security cameras to ensure your safety. You could bea part of a safe community and live independently.